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Own Your Journey.

Legacy Building Coaching Services

How do you become a legacy builder?  You leverage your most powerful leadership strategy: Vulnerability and Humility. Legacy Builders do not journey alone. They find a guide and embrace blind spots.  They play to win. They know that great coaches are the secret to long-lasting success and change.

See how we work

What is KUSI Legacy Building Coaching?

Legacy Builders are accountable and responsible for results in life and work. They know that their habits guide their actions. They take constructive steps to change. They empower and inspire others to let values drive choices. They might get frustrated or discouraged at times, but they find ways to infuse meaning into mundane tasks.

They feel empowered to make a difference and don’t let the day’s challenges dictate future decisions.  When others see the legacy builder, they see a decisive individual who thinks, “How can I serve with passion and purpose?”

Your Coaching Options

Leadership starts with you. Individual coaching is perfect for professionals who need to expand their managerial skills, change their habits, and lead an organization through times of change.

  • Executive Coaching: For those with loads of responsibilities and plenty of people looking to them to make important decisions. Executive coaching focuses on habits, networking skills, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, and innovation. The Executive guides the goals.
  • Leadership Fast Track Promotion Coaching:  For individuals who are looking to become executives by leveraging a few proven strategies that get results. With Fast Track Coaching, you’ll work on motivation, cultural intelligence, listening skills, observational skills, and the ability to recognize opportunities and break barriers.

What does it take to succeed as an organization? KUSI can help you discover the answer. These sessions typically include 6-8 people with similar goals. We engage in fun, team-building strategies that will make you feel limitless and fearless about your next moves. There is power in numbers. The group inspires and motivates each other to take calculated risks and to dream big.

Want to make that shift from mediocre to great? Want to be seen and respected as a legacy builder? Now is the time to take charge of your life. Now is the time to get a coach that will help you win! Now is the time to take action.