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About KUSI Global

We are committed to transforming, inspiring, and cultivating leaders around the world.

Learn Why Kusi?


KUSI is a hub for transformational leadership training and initiatives that promote global connections and conscious cultures. KUSI supports today’s leaders and prepares tomorrow’s innovators to foster connected cultures that improve the condition of humanity. People all around the world are at a “what does it profit a person to gain the world and lose her soul” crossroads. Although not new, there seems to be a global feeling of swimming in rough waters and paddling upstream. We have forgotten that if we let go of the struggle, we can let the stream of our wisdom carry us to a destination that is productive, useful, and inspiring.

At KUSI, we cultivate innovative powerhouse teams and organizations. We plant seeds of knowledge that  grow leaders in every corner of the world. We apply strategic and emotional intelligence to build conscious leaders and organizations that live their values and make a difference in the world. Leaders like you can change the rule book and the system, but we need some guidance and support to do so. In other words, we have been paddling for so long, and we need a strategy to let go of normalized stress and difficulty. The goal is to create a human experience centered on things we all want—approval, control, security, connection, and uniqueness.

Our Vision

A Global Presence

KUSI Global will have sister sites in London, Tanzania, Shanghai, and Dubai

Technological Advancements

KUSI will leverage technology and launch global transformation projects that provide access to the world’s best practices of conscious leadership worldwide.

Global Connectedness

KUSI will provide access to development opportunities to over 125 million global leaders and professionals to promote a consciously connected world.

Global Leadership Conference

We are on a hunt for best practices and evidence of hope, love, and impact in business and leadership.

Our Values

We want R.E.L.I.E.F for the world

What did you do today to reflect your most deeply held values? At KUSI, values are not feelings. Values are daily habits.

Respect means that we embrace differences, create opportunities to celebrate cultures, and lead with empathy.

Excellence means that we leverage our strengths and respect our weaknesses. Success is defined as an unwavering commitment to “know better and do better.” We do not have to be perfect, but we must stay engaged. We are committed to bringing our best and most authentic selves to the world each day.

LOVE is not just a feeling  but a guide to our daily actions and habits. We Listen, Observe, Value, and Engage. Click here to read how to transform your life or organization through L.O.V.E

We respect the integrity of the human experience. This means that we are all connected with our individual and collective journeys on this earth. We are walking different paths to the same goal. We understand that the condition of the human experience can be complex. We embrace this complexity with integrity, grit, and grace.

We leverage skills to empower conscious leaders to promote conscious equity. We take responsibility for the roles that we can play in the world to improve racial and social justice. We are allies, advocates, and activists for value-driven decisions that protect and promote access to growth, authenticity, and impact. We advocate for justice for all.

We are uplifted and free to be ourselves. We are free and have permission to live our dreams. We are free to shine and free to grow. We encourage ourselves and others to feel hope, freedom, and joy in all we do. What can we all do to serve others, feel happy, and be free today? At KUSI, we achieve freedom through service and leadership.