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Diversity, Equity,
Inclusion, & Belonging

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Culture Building Learning Labs: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The #1 thing EVERY leader MUST do: Build  a Healthy Organizational Culture. Leaders and employees need the right training to navigate, understand, and manage today’s sensitive social, cultural, and political challenges. Societal issues affect relationships at work; it’s not anyone’s fault. Employees are often not aware of how seemingly harmless comments can lead to major conflicts and stress.

Today, social justice movements and activists around the world are standing up for accountability. This means, more than ever before, ignorance is no longer a valid excuse for behaviors that create a toxic workplace. So, how do you protect your organization and its mission? How do you create a culture known for conscious cultural and social equity? How do you ensure that your team(s) know how to navigate organizational culture to reflect core values?

You create a culture of Conscious Equity.

KUSI Global, Inc. offers a series of experiential learning labs rooted in social science to create cultures of change,  growth, and innovation. These labs use a systems-based approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion to broaden skills and knowledge to get results. The labs employ strategies that engage both the left and the right brain to help participants apply knowledge and experiences that support every aspect of work and life.

Critical communication strategies plant seeds that grow into an effortless culture of engagement. These learning labs bring together strategy and heart. And, as an added bonus, all employees at every level learn to lead and take responsibility for building a mission-driven learning culture. After employees have taken the initial four learning labs, organizations will receive a customized cultural assessment and a plan that sustains progress and promotes culture-enhancing behaviors aligned with strategic goals and priorities.

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