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Our Approach

How we create amazing learning experiences.

With our customized competency models, high-energy learning environments, and cutting-edge strategic planning processes, we transform organizations and people into productive change drivers.

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Our Not-So Secret, Secret Sauce.

The K.U.S.I Culture Optimization Methodology

KUSI is an acronym for Knowledge, Understanding, Strategy, and Implementation. Our methodology allows us to develop our mission-driven, value-based initiatives. It’s the foundation of how we approach development, design, implementation, facilitation, strategy, and quality assurance.


We are knowledgeable about our partners’ culture and mission to address critical challenges and identify any organizational blind spots and assumptions.

Our goal is to gather relevant information to optimize our approach and results.

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Knowing is just the start. We engage in a process and analyze data to define and understand the challenges, the history, the messages, and the relationships that have the greatest impact on culture. We leverage key strategists and access brilliant minds to create results-driven learning experiences.

Our goal is to provide organizations and leaders with culture building strategies that elevate the mind, touch the heart, and inspire action

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We collaborate with all levels of the organization to develop a value-based plan that engages all stakeholders.

Our goal is to address key priorities using timeless leadership principles and strategies that drive meaningful and lasting change. 

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We identify behavioral indicators that reflect new and innovative team and culture behaviors.

We also use Kirkpatrick’s four-level evaluation model to develop and evaluate assessments and plans for training. We conduct significant internal debriefs, evaluations, and multiple quality checks to track and report qualitative and quantitative results.

Our goal is to ensure that we have achieved the vision and exceeded expectations.

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We Create Agile Learning Experiences

Training That Makes a Difference

KUSI is known for developing 5-star rated content. Our learning labs boast a 98% satisfaction rating for life-changing learning experiences. Our courses are strategically designed to increase productivity, encourage flexibility, and foster collaboration in adult learners.

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Our Approach to Cutting-Edge Curriculum Design

As an integrated partner, we work with public and private organizations to intentionally create cultures of sustained high performance. Our courses are strategically designed to increase productivity, encourage flexibility, and foster collaboration in adult learners. As a result, participants leave with an understanding of how to implement creative leadership strategies and management principles to maximize individual and organizational potential. Participants will feel empowered, confident, and motivated to increase performance and embrace change.

Integration & Communication

We create, design, and deliver culturally competent leadership programs that meet global industry requirements.

Leverage Diverse Perspectives

We consult with subject matter experts, psychologists, and coaches to design training experiences that maintain the integrity of the human experience and motivate behavior change.

Implement & Support

We help participants see the importance of developing critical leadership skills through creative training techniques.

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