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Value-Driven Customer Service: It’s Mission Critical

What You’ll Learn

Why does your organization exist? What do you value? For most organizations, their mission and values include a commitment to delivering quality products and services and serving both internal and external customers. As budgets dwindle and competition increases, organizations must find creative ways to meet customer needs. Value-driven customer service is about building a deeper understanding of the customer’s needs and challenges you to improve quality and service. The skills learned in this learning lab will connect employees to the core values, mission, and goals of an organization to promote more meaningful exchanges with customers.

  • Practice unique communication strategies for internal and external customer service
  • Develop and practice quick techniques to clarify needs and support customer satisfaction
  • Explore the role of facts and feelings in diverse customer interactions
  • Create and develop value-based scripts for serving difficult customers

Who Will Benefit

Mid-Career Professionals

Prepare for leadership roles after working as an individual contributor or functional specialist.

Innovative Executive Leaders

Build greater self-awareness and explore how you can adapt your leadership style to meet specific organizational challenges.

Individual Contributors

Prepare for a managerial role and position yourself for advancement by learning how to effectively implement strategy.

Program Structure

Customized Virtual Micro-Learning Labs

In our interactive virtual environment, participants will engage with students from around the world or within their organization without leaving their desks. They will leave feeling connected, inspired, and ready to apply knowledge.

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Customized Instructor-Led Learning Labs

With decades of experience and evidence-based learning strategies, KUSI delivers highly interactive learning labs that leave participants inspired, engaged, and ready to take action.

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Self-Paced Learning Experience

Self-paced learning is KUSI’s newest option to provide our award-winning content in a virtual world.This option allows for the experience of live training at your own pace.

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